Strategic Alliance

Following a growing number of requests from companies and businesses, INDUSTRY 5.0 STRATEGIC ALLIANCE was launched on August 1, 2022.

Established for all who want to contribute to this aim and to benefit from their own waste prevention program.

The ALLIANCE is not NGO this is why all members contribute financially to the development of services and solutions created to be applied to fulfill the alliance’s aim to build a WASTELESS WORLD FOR ALL.

The ALLIANCE will provide its members maximum support in various stages of the implementation of INDUSTRY 5.0 leadership services and promote members.

With ALLIANCE led by IBCSD LAB Ltd. clients enter the INDUSTRY 5.0 age, learning to utilize meaningful the On-The-Ground-Mines for their company’s further development, with simultaneous reduction of negative impact on the environment and increase of profitability.

Every single member must be in line and respect the INDUSTRY 5.0 ALLIANCE PRINCIPLES listed below and benefit from multiple returns.

The membership cost reflects the size of the member so as the impact on the environment during the entire lifecycle of the company’s existence.

The membership will be canceled (no reimbursement) when the member broke the principles of the alliance.


  1. Honesty, openness, and respectfulness to all;
  2. Transparency, profit sharing, efficiency;
  3. Deliver results first, reports later;
  4. Safeguard INDUSTRY 5.0 principles from misuse and misinterpretation;
  5. Human and planet protection are prioritized, before profit;
  6. Become the role model, for other to follow;
  7. Reduce own waste footprint in all categories of waste;

Returns of Membership in STRATEGIC ALLIANCE

  • Reduction of the waste management costs;
  • Increase in revenue from delivered activities;
  • Decrease environmental burden and footprint;
  • Reduction of wasted time and money in processes;
  • Product/service range increase;
  • Market reach increases;
  • The possibility to become an INDUSTRY 5.0 approved company;
  • Readiness for future development.

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